Who is behind the project?
Project Oslo Children's Museum is run on a volunteer basis by committed individuals who represent a variety of interests and professional backgrounds. We are parents, teachers, researchers and leaders in areas such as education, business and sports.

The project consists of a project team, the organization "Foundation Oslo Children's Museum" (Stiftelsen Oslo Barnemuseum) and the organization's board. In addition, we have a children's board to contribute to the planning process.

We are working together to realize the dream of creating Oslo Children's Museum.

Project Team

Katie Coughlin
Project Leader and Founder

Katie has broad experience in project leadership in Norway, Russia and USA. She was inspired by a children's museum outside of Norway and is now engaged in contributing to children's life and development in Norway with Oslo's own children's museum. She is a member of 2 international children's museum organizations: Hands On! Europe and Association of Children's Museums and has an MBA from University of California at Berkeley. Katie is from USA and has lived in Norway for 12 years with her Norwegian husband. She has 3 young daughters.
Trine Merete Sjølyst
Project Assistant

Trine comes from Larvik and studied dance and theater at both the University of Oslo and NTNU in Trondheim. Trine is active in Noregs Ungdomslag, a youth organization, and holds courses for children and youth in dance and theater. Trine also worked at as children's host at Sverresborg Trøndelag Folkemuseum. 


Randi Wærdahl, Board President
Sociologist and Children's Researcher, University of Oslo

Randi has broad experience with both Norwegian and international children's research. She was Managing Director of Childwatch International Research Network for 4 years and was also the leader for organizing Childhoods 2005 Oslo, a conference which brought together researchers and educators from 95 countries to the University of Oslo in connection with the observance of Norway's independence. Today, she works as a post-doctorate scholar at the Department of Sociology and Human Geography at the University of Oslo where she researches children, consumer culture and social change, nationally and internationally. She has a son who, like his mother, has children's museums high on the priority list when traveling.
Alma Leora Culén
Assistant Professor, University of Oslo

Alma is Assistant Professor in the Design of Information Systems Group at the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo.  Alma has taught and conducted research in USA and France and is now based in Norway.  Alma and her 3 kids love children's museums and value their interaction and research opportunities.

Amy Myrestrand
Amy has a strong background in language and multicultural studies. She has a B.A. in English with a minor in Intercultural Relations and has done Masters studies in Linguistics. She has taught both in the USA and France. After moving to Norway in 1995 from the USA, Amy started her own business, The Missing Ink. She has served on several boards for children’s organizations including Helene’s Barnehage and Vinderenkoret. She has three young children with her Norwegian husband and has visited children’s museums with them in several countries. She is passionate about the educational and inspirational experiences offered by children’s museums and wants to bring these invaluable experiences to Oslo.

Advisory Board

Teresita Alvarez Bjelland

Fabian Campos
Architect, Allianse Arkitekter

Antonia Fiksdalstrand
Primary School Teacher

Marion Josefsen
Senior Consultant, Right Management

Mark Kriger
Professor of Strategic Management at BI Norwegian School of Management

Amy Myrestrand

Per Ravn Omdal
Norwegian Sports Leader

Anne von Pirquet
Sandvika Videregående School

Espen Strai
Information Director at Diakonhjemmet Sykehus

Kjersti Sundbø 
HR Advisor, Norwegian Electricity Industry Association (EBL)